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  1. By default search parameters are set to the site's language. You can however change the language of searched articles by choosing it in the first combo box.

  2. To successfully search for a book, follow the tips below:
  1. either type the full title or some specific keywords correctly spelled (be especially careful with plurals),
  2. or the author's lastname without the firstname,
  3. or some specific keywords from the title and the author's lastname (always without the firstname),
  4. you can also directly access a book by specifying its ISBN code (with or without separators).
  1. If you find too many titles add an additional search criteria, i.e. an additional keyword of the title or the last name of the author if not specified yet.. If you searched in all languages you can also restrict selection to a specific language.


  1. In the fields " keywords ", " title " and " author ", follow the same rules as for the quick search.

  2. The " editor " field restricts the search to a specific editor. Type the first 3 characters of the searched editor and select it in the " Editors " combo box.


  1. The red dot in the basket of the upper right corner of the screen, indicates that goods have been selected for purchase. From the quick search or the advanced search screen you can directly access the basket by clicking on it.

  2. If you modify the number of ordered articles in the basket, do not forget to press the "recalculate" button to store the change.

  3. If you have registered during a previous visit, you can "order with login". Enter your login and password. Your ordering process will be faster and you will take advantage of our loyalty bonus.


  1. If you wish to modify your address, mark the check box " update address " to store the changes.


  1. In case of any questions regarding the usage of this site, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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